What’s new with Relay? Spring 2018 Changes

Victoria S.
April 11, 2018
So far this Spring, our Relay global product team has been busy fine-tuning every detail to our hardware and software standards. We want Relay to be fast, durable, and fun. If you’re wondering, here are some things we’ve been working on:

It’s sturdier.

Two Relay cases deconstructedWe love Relay’s clean design, so we created a stylish premium case to stand up to all kinds of play, from dirt and rain to a tumble (or ten.)

It’s brighter.

Since Relay has no screen, we let the LED light ring do most of the “talking.” And it has a lot to say. We added new colors and effects to let it tell us more. Get a preview here.

It’s more colorful.

After hearing feedback from you all, we added a fifth color option: Charcoal. We feel like it’s understated and even a little classy. We also made our Brick color a little redder so it pops more

It’s smarter.

Image of mint green Relay illustration and pink smartphone illustration meant to show relationship between the Relay app and a Relay device We’ve been working on the Relay companion app to fine-tune GPS tracking and enable faster and better communication between the app and Relay. But we don’t plan on stopping there. Even after the Relay launch, we will be making it better and better. As we update Relay, we will add more channels with useful new features and fun games that you can choose for your child.

16 thoughts on “What’s new with Relay? Spring 2018 Changes

  1. I really hope that the Relay Go are available before summer. It would be great to let my kids be a little more independent and still have the peace of mind that they can get a hold of me if they need me.

  2. Hi Christina,
    Although we can’t give a specific launch date, we’re right in the thick of Relay beta. This means launch is right around the corner! Stay tuned for some exciting updates. 🙂

  3. If I buy a relay for my kids, will I need to have my own relay, or will I be able to use the relay app on my phone to talk to them?

    1. Hi Tim,
      You will be able to use the Relay app on your phone to talk to your kids. Relay’s companion app will come in both an Android and iOS flavor.

  4. Will the Relay app be available to anyone with an Android phone or only those who are on Republic Wireless? I’m thinking of a situation where you get a Relay device for an elderly family member so they can get in touch with others easily, but only a few of the family use Republic for cell service.

    1. Hi Kent,
      You will not need traditional Republic Wireless smartphone service in order to use the Relay companion app. As long as someone is an active member paying for the monthly Relay service cost ($6.99/month per Relay which can be added on to an existing Republic Wireless account but does not require an existing RW account), then multiple phones can log into the Relay app using the account credentials.

      In the case you have brought up, an elderly family member using a Relay will be able to communicate with other family members who are using the Relay app on their smartphones — even if some of these other family members are using other cell providers, as long as they log into the Relay app with the same credentials as the RW account, then they will be able to communicate.

      Does that answer your question?

  5. Will relay be a possible replacement for my smartphone? I would enjoy the freedom of not having the screen distraction around, but the capability to contact people when necessary.

    1. Hi Steve,
      I would recommend Relay as an addition to rather than a replacement of your smartphone primarily because you will be limited to the number of people you will be able to communicate with. At initial launch, you will only be able to communicate with others who have the Relay app on their phone and are logged in to the same Relay account. A channel will be added after the initial launch that will allow you to communicate with other Relay users on different accounts.

      However, if you only care to communicate with a few people for a time period (I have been known to do digital detoxes over the weekend — my family knows how to reach me!), then having a Relay on hand may be a great solution. It’s also great to go running with (or some similar active sport) where you can communicate quickly and easily with your family.

  6. How will the app work. If my kid is talking to me will my smartphone just start talking or will it notify me that someone wants to talk?

  7. Will the Relay handle voice to text and text to voice? That is, can I type message in the companion app and have the Relay speak it, and can a spoken message from the Relay be transcribed to text on the companion app?

  8. A couple design questions. Will there be a cover available so that when they throw it in their bag the button isn’t getting pushed when it ends up wedged against the corner of a book…you get the picture… or something to slide it in for safe keeping? Will there be an arm strap or exercise band?

  9. If I have a Relay, and i call the other person’s relay, is there a way for them to mute it if they are in class?

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