Meet the Relay Assistant, your new push-to-talk voice assistant

Victoria S.
May 21, 2019

In addition to our new SOS and missed messages features, you may have noticed that your Relay device has learned a couple other new tricks this week—let us introduce you to Relay Assistant. 

Now you can give your Relay verbal commands with the press of a button.  It’s super easy to use and makes navigating between features a breeze.

With the Relay Assistant, instead of pressing the power button to cycle through your channels, you have the option to use a simple voice command—we think it’s a real time saver!

How does it work?

Just press and hold the volume button, say your command, then release.  That’s it!


Navigate to chats

Say the name of the chat you wish to speak to, like Everyone, Mom, or Friends to switch directly to that chat. Just remember to use the chat name that’s used in the Relay app—if you say “Joey and Kate” when your chat is named “Friends,” your Relay might get confused.

Navigate to channels

You can also say the name of a channel that you wish to switch to, like Music, Translate, or Daily Joke. As long as the channel is enabled on your Relay through the app, a voice command will take you there quick.

What else can it do?

The voice assistant is a growing feature, so it will be able to do more over time! Here’s what it can do now.

Check the weather

Now your kids can dress for the weather all by themselves. Just press and hold the volume button and say “Weather.” You’ll hear a “ding” sound and your Relay will tell you the current temperature and the day’s forecast for your location.  

Pro Tip: Be sure to enable location so the weather function will work (that way Relay can tell you the right weather!)

Check Relay’s battery level

 Ever wonder if there was a simple way for your kids to check the battery level on their Relay device? Now there is! Just press and hold the volume button and say “Battery” to hear the current battery percentage of your Relay device. 

Check the local time

Now you can send your kids out to play and tell them to be back at a specific time because the time is now available on their Relay device. Just press and hold the volume button and say “Time” to hear the local time for your location.

Want to learn more about Relay’s features? Check out this post. Want a Relay of your own? Shop on Amazon, at, or find us in a Target store near you.

Notable Replies

  1. New to realy! My son (8) and daughter (5) are REALLY enjoying it! Love the assistant, any chance there will be an update out that will allow it to tell you the time? Or link a calander to it? Thanks in advance - happy customer!

  2. Hi @jessicam.q1nnya,

    Welcome to the community. We are working on updates to the assistant. I know that the time one is part of it but not sure about the calendar. How would you want that to work? Come up with what you want and put it in our #share:ideas section.

  3. Time and setting alarms and timer reminders seems like a great idea for kids. You can set a timer for the kids to check in or head back for dinner etc.

  4. I really love the timer and alarm idea, I use the timer a lot for my daughter

  5. How great would be for my daughter to stop asking me what time is it! Calendar idea is great too for scheduled events, like birthdays or family festivals

  6. I’m glad you’ve added a time feature, though I echo the sentiment of those who say it would be nice if you could set a timer or alarm. If my son doesn’t realize he’s late coming home until he checks the time, I might as well have messaged him about being late.

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