Ryan’s Family Review: Holiday pretend play with Relay

Victoria S.
December 10, 2018

Keep your family together this season with the smartphone alternative that doesn’t distract from playtime fun. See how Ryan from Ryan Toys Review likes it as his mom guides him through a holiday maze full of hidden presents!

The gift that keeps family connected

“I think it’s a perfect present for Ryan and a perfect present for mommy and daddy too, because mommy and daddy can talk to each other and we can talk to you wherever you are. That is so cool!”

Not only can mom and dad talk to the kids using Relays of their own, they can simply use the Relay app on their smartphones to send and receive messages! And bonus: if your kid’s friends have Relays, parents can set up Open Chat channels so the kids can talk, even on different accounts!

Make pretend play adventures even better

“Parents, using the Relay you can talk to your kids anywhere at any time and know exactly where they are. And they will love the independence it gives them and make their playtime even better—all without giving them an addictive screen.”

Using the app, you can locate your kids with GPS. That means they can go farther, getting the independence that a smartphone would bring—but without the screen, the apps, or the internet. Just communication with the people that matter and Kidsafe® features like music playlists, daily jokes, and fun voice-changing features.  

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