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Victoria S.
September 5, 2018
Relay is a simple, screen-free communication solution for kids. It’s safe and easy to use. It’s packed with features kids love and parents can rely on. It’s built to last through all childhood’s splashes and tumbles. And it does it all without a distracting screen. When we first released Relay in May 2018, it didn’t take long before it started turning heads—see for yourself!

Popsugar Moms

“Consider it the anti-cell phone for your kid.”

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Fox 5 NY

“Let’s say you have kids ages 6-11...they’re too young for a smartphone. These little Relay gadgets are the absolute answer! And [kids are] not going to break it!” 

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Android Central

“Relay is a simple communication tool kids actually want to use, with just enough smarts baked in to help keep them safe when you aren't around.”

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USA Today

“Think of Relay kind of like a walkie-talkie, only smarter … But unlike a walkie-talkie, Relay uses 4G LTE connectivity to keep you in touch with your youngster.”

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“Send the kid out with one of the brightly colored, rugged, and water-resistant squares, and you can communicate with him or her through an app on your phone.” 

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  We’re constantly working to make Relay even better—so far we’ve added brand new features, created an accessory so your Relay won’t get lost, and even opened up the Relay Channel Store. Now you can customize each of your Relays so each kid has exactly the features they need and none of the ones they don’t. Every new feature is one more way Relay can grow with your child and enable your kid to embrace their distraction-free childhood.  

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