Relay breaks a world record! Stranger things have happened

Victoria S.
July 17, 2018
  Friday the 13th isn’t a day most people decide to take a chance and accomplish something huge—but for our Relay team, it ended with a celebration of our mission to spread the spirit of creative, unplugged childhood fun.

This year on Friday the 13th, we broke the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing sweatbands!


“Awesome!” You are probably thinking, “but what do sweatbands have to do with Relay?”
It’s simple. We spent the night celebrating Stranger Things Night at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, an outdoor family event dedicated to our nostalgia for the bold childhood of the ‘80s, when kids took off on bikes armed only with walkie talkies to communicate and enable their adventures. Relay aims to recapture the spirit of Stranger Things—without the otherworldly monsters—by encouraging families and friends to stay connected with a device that’s as easy to use as a walkie talkie and (bonus!) takes away the temptation of screens and apps. We aim to encourage kids to go outside and experience the world, instead of staying inside and watching the world happen around them. We chose the sweatband as a symbol of this free and explorative era to rally around and spread our message—and we did it! 4,990 people donned their Relay sweatbands, connecting with us and with one another in person—not online—to achieve a milestone for the ages (and trust us, it was harder than it looked!) We’re so grateful to the amazing local community for their participation. We all came together to celebrate unplugged fun, whether it was a throwback to our own childhood or an introduction of this retro, free-range culture to a brand new generation. Following our world record, we can’t wait to pursue our product’s goal of digital well-being among children even further. In pursuit of this goal, Relay is proud to announce that $5 from each of the next 5,000 Relays sold will go to support Common Sense Education, the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. Relay is on a mission, and we’re just getting started. We hope you join us for the ride!   



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