This Relay app feature is perfect for summer vacation

Victoria S.
June 27, 2018
It's summertime and your kids are running free. Luckily, they're still only a Relay away. But what if you, the parent, don't want to carry around two devices? When you told us your concerns, we listened. Did you know you can communicate with your Relay right from your smartphone with PTT (push to talk) walkie talkie app functionality via the Relay app? You said you didn’t want to carry around a second device every day—and we agree! When you update your Relay app to the latest version and open it, Relay chat should be the first thing you see. You can tap and hold the push to talk button and communicate to all Relays in your group. Now, we heard your concerns about Relay messages blaring from your pocket during meetings and at work, so messages will only come through to your smartphone when the Relay app is open. But we wouldn’t leave your Relays with no way to reach you! When you press and hold the volume button on your Relay, it sends a notification, or channel alert, to your phone telling you which Relay is trying to get in touch with you. Then, you can open the app and start chatting. Now you can keep your pockets light and keep tabs on the little ones during your summer vacation!  

  Pro Tip: Make sure the media volume on your phone isn’t muted to get the best in-app Relay experience!  

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Notable Replies

  1. I Just tried the relay push to alert your phone Held the PTT button on relay did not alert the phone Nothing
    App was updated 2 hr.ago.

  2. In order to alert your phone that your Relay wants to talk, make sure you press and hold the volume button on your Relay for a few seconds. This will be what sends the Channel Alert notification to your phone!
    If you hold down the large talk button on your Relay and start talking, that does not send a notification to the phone.
    Once you have the Relay app open on your phone, this is when you can start messaging back and forth in real time.
    Let us know if that worked! If not, we’re happy to look into that for you.

  3. Thanks swall
    That is what I forgot .The VOL button. It works great Thank you

  4. Sure thing! Happy to hear it’s working :slight_smile:

  5. All so the Relay will roam I have the app on my FI phone an was in a area where I had to switch To
    US Cellular There roaming partner was,ATT.It worked great. No lag,or delay was loud an clear on both relays
    an phone app.

  6. My daughter is only 4 years old and has problems using the power and volume button. I purchased a second Relay to make it easier for her to reach me at any time. I cannot wait to receive the new SIMS cards to have better civerage and to use them! I am excited like a kid about Relays, I had to get the mint one since my daughter has the blue one (I wish that was a pink or purple option so I can claim my favorite blue color lol)

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