Testimonials: Parents react to Relay

Victoria S.
June 6, 2019

Relay isn’t just a toy – it’s a tool that keeps families connected, allowing kids to experience the independence they need to grow. See what parents are saying about how Relay has affected their families.

Relay: Why It Works from Relay on Vimeo.

“Relay makes sense for our family because I believe kids need independence but they also need to be safe.” -John, father of two

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Notable Replies

  1. My wife and I both carry a Relay, not the app, but the actual device. We tell our 4.5 y/o daughter that it’s in our pocket/purse and that if anything ever happen to mommy or daddy, she need to use it to call one of us.

    We got these units this past Christmas and it was meant for when she’s slightly older, but because my wife has gone back to school for occupational certificate program (and went on a few week long vacations with her girlfriends) I decided that we better have these things activated…If I keel over and died, my daughter would be locked in the house until my wife gets back. Scary thought.

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