Open Chat: Relay is better with friends, so get chatting!

Victoria S.
December 6, 2018
Relay keeps people connected. It connects families, letting parents keep track of kids. It lets kids find freedom without being exposed to smartphones before they’re ready. But Relay is also fun for kids—that’s what sets it apart from the trackers and boring kids phones out there. And now Relay is keeping kids connected to their friends. If kids needed another reason to love Relay, to want to carry it with them on their playtime adventures, this is it.

We’re proud to announce Open Chat

Friends deserve channels of their own. With Open Chat, you can connect your Relay or app with any Relay user on any account. You can always be just a button-press away from a great conversation.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • An easy, safe way for our kids to talk to their best friends
  • The best way to keep in touch with big groups
  • Talk to fellow parents without the hassle of dialing and texting

Using Open Chat is easy

When you create a custom channel in your Relay app, you will now have the option to invite Relays from other accounts! You can share your invite code through text, email, or however is convenient for you. The invitee simply opens the link and gets the option to accept the invitation in their Relay app. 

More fun for kids

No longer just a way to call home, a way to listen to music, or a way to play silly games—Relay can be instrumental to play in a whole new way. From planning playdates to chatting over holiday vacations, Open Chat lets kids maintain and grow their friendships while keeping them safe from social media, texting, and other less personal ways of keeping in touch. If your kid’s friends don’t have Relays yet, now is the perfect time to share your referral code—give a free month of service and get awesome prizes! 

Plus even more screen-free features

Open Chat is just one more way we are taking Relay to the next level with kid-friendly, highly customizable features that kids love. We’re constantly adding new features to the channel store and improving the ones we’ve got. Here’s what’s new this week:

Joke of the day

What do you call a channel with frequent, fresh, and funny new content? We’re calling it Joke of the Day. You can hear the day’s new material or go back and listen to your old favorites to show your friends. Just tap the talk button for laughs! 

More languages to learn

Our Spanish language translator has some new friends—now you can choose from 13 languages in the Translate channel. In your Relay app, pick two languages per Relay to hear translations. For example, if you pick Portuguese and English, your Relay will translate English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English! You can change languages any time through the Relay app.

Be a part of Relay’s new features

We want to bring new features to Relay, especially features that make life easier for our members. And nobody knows our members better than they know themselves—we want to hear your ideas! Let us know what kinds of features you’d like to see in the future by posting in the Relay Neighborhood. Other users can vote on ideas, discuss how they use Relay, and your idea will be seen by the Relay team, guaranteed.  

Notable Replies

  1. Thank you!!! :hugs: Our kids are so excited to finally be able to talk with cousins and are already thrilled with the new languages and joke of the day. Thank you!

  2. I’m so glad your kids are enjoying it! We’re super excited to be able to bring these features to Relay

  3. This is sick and it is the reason I’m now using my relay as an adult with a smartphone and no kids.

  4. Will it be possible to set up Relay accounts without having to add a Relay? It seems to still require setup before one can get into the app - but one of the ways I wanted to use this feature was with an ex (we share custody, but not finances, so I want to give her the ability to communicate with the kids but not change account settings) or grandparents (who have cell phones, but don’t really need their own Relay to talk with the kids this way). Will there be a no-physical-Relay Relay account option available sometime soon?

  5. We are looking to building a user app but have not set a date. Right now the app is meant for parents but does not take into account users who should not have admin access.

  6. In the meantime, it seems like you’re pretty close. Any way to request an account be created without any Relays in it, for purposes of using with this Open Chat option?

  7. Would you want that or just to have user(non-admin) version of the Relay app? If you have any ideas please add them or vote on them here #share:ideas

  8. This isn’t working for us. We followed the steps and created a new channel, and we’ve tested it out with all users being on the same channel and we always get the notification “another member of the group is talking” even when we know this is not the case. Any thoughts on why this would be?

  9. Hi again. I just tried to set this up with a different friend who just got a Relay, and now I cant even get it to send an invite. When I try it via text, I just get a white screen. When I try it via email, it opens the email link and then quickly closes again before I can type anything. Is Open Chat functional for other users so far?

  10. I possibly solved this (not certain because friend has not yet replied) by saving the link to my Notes page and then copying and pasting into text format. Seems like it’s a bug, though. I’m on IOS, latest version.

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