Your kid's smartest assistant: OK Shelly!

Victoria S.
June 26, 2018

Relay is more than a communication solution. It’s more than a walkie talkie and better than a kids phone. And the best way to show that is to see it in action, so we created a video showing how Relay can free our kids from tempting screen time and have fun using their imaginations, connecting with the people around them—even on a gloomy Saturday “spoiled” by clouds and rain.

Many of us on the Relay team are parents who can appreciate Relay firsthand. Seeing your child seize freedom and exercise their independent play muscles is a powerful and joyful experience, especially when you know they’re still only a button-press away.

And that peace of mind goes both ways. When kids can engage with their parents, whether in the next room or a few streets away, it enables connection without sacrificing independence. And it makes it easier to talk. One silly question may not be grounds for a phone call to Mom and Dad, but Relay is easy, casual, and fun—for silly questions and serious ones.

Even during rainy days spent indoors, Relay can enable kids to step away from screen time find joy in connecting with the people around them. When kids are surrounded by screens, apps, smart assistants, and games, they don’t get bored the way they used to—the kind of bored that inspires pretend play, family time, and making their own fun.That makes it hard to pull away and engage with other people, and harder to engage in creative play.

Relay is a different kind of technology. It brings people together without distractions or screens to get in the way. Check out the video below to see how Relay can make play meaningful, in rain or shine.


Notable Replies

  1. So when and how will kids be able to access ‘Shelly’? I’m having a difficult time with one or two of my devices right now, not even switching channels

  2. Shelly isn’t a digital assistant. You have to watch the video. Shelly is the mom on another Relay responding to the kids inquiry.

  3. Ok I see how that video is the mom but this one shows a mom and kid at the table and ask a question with a ok Google type response…

    Hate to say but when I bought mine i didn’t realize the features in this video were not worked out yet … This was published back in Dec of 2017

  4. I recall other publications speaking of google assistant and even music channels, plus the ability to ask the Relay itself where a child is by name seems so far fetched from the devices we were sent. Ours doesn’t even allow the device name to be changed and I don’t see a way to simply ask it for location info. I would wonder how soon they really intend on unveiling such cool features that made us want to have this.

  5. You can’t ask for location, that’s done from the app only at this time.

  6. Yes I know, but why can they produce a video to advertise a product and then sell the product with lesser capabilities. It’s not right!

  7. There video showed future features. It takes time to implement properly. I find it more important to allow the company to design each feature for what is most desired and only when it can be properly controlled by parents.

  8. Well, it never stated anywhere in the video that this was the future of relays, so it leads people to believe they aren’t getting what they were intended to

  9. These videos were produced well before the relays were released so everything they showed at the time would have been future features. They fairly provided information on the website so that everyon at time of release what was current capabilities and what they are working on for future feature features.

    So IMO to say it’s not right for them to produce a video of their future vision of a fully functioning relay isn’t right. It’s our view of what is to become.

  10. As of today, July 1st, no longer “early 2018” by any definition, it is officially false advertising. The video they produced and released advertised that Relay would be available in early 2018, leaving the purchasers to believe it would be released with all the features they showed.

  11. With all due respect they stated that the Relay device would be released in early 2018 and it has been released. Nothing stated in the video that it would have all the features at launch. As I previously stated they have been forthcoming on the current capabilities of the device prior to sale and what their vision for the device is, that is not false advertisement.

  12. Many early adopters pioneered previous Republic Wireless ‘wireless devices’ well into their beta release and I’m a happy camper having purchased several of them for my family over the intervening years. Relay may always have a niche market since most families in America are considered broken … or even broken homes. I’m sincerely hoping Relay will develop into a way to repair and sustain young families … against the onslaught. Many features in the video will probably change and improve. When I built my first walkie-talkies in 1960 (yes, transistor by transistor from a kit of hundreds of induvidual pieces), I never dreamed years later my young family would use tiny clamshell Nextel iden ‘walkie-talkie’ phones … separated by hundreds of miles. Relay seems to me to help bridge the ‘ignorance divide’ by making scouting, adventuring, hiking, camping, canoeing, pedal kayak sailing, Sea scouts, geocaching, electric cycling, chart&compass, capture the flag, Nerf battles, electric squirtgun/water/laser tag battles, Huck Finn rafting, fence whitewashing, and eclipse chasing the best education a family can have. (Like I have had) BTW, I just sold my 4 waterproof Uniden VOX walkie-talkies for $100 (about what I paid for them new) to a local community based youth group cycling company offering free or cheap mountain bikes to any kids under 17. They want to have a waterproof VOX (voice activated headset) walkie-talkie for every rider. Education as a family group … especially important for orphans and foster kids!

  13. This is really confusing. Will there be a smart assistant built-in like Google or Alexa, or are moms & dads expected to be the “smart assistant” and give kids the weather forecast when they ask? That video doesn’t make any sense.

  14. No, apologies for the confusion. This was just a lighthearted video we created to show how Relay allows kids and their parents to connect. We still are planning for a smart assistant feature down the road, but the primary goal of this video was to entertain and show Relay in action in a fun way. We originally released the video via Relay’s social channels Monther’s day, but wanted to re-introduce it via this blog post for others to see and learn.

  15. Hey folks. Thanks for the feedback. We published the video back in December to show our long term vision for Relay - we wanted you to get as excited as we are about where it could go and how powerful it could be. When we launched the new site and started taking orders, we changed all of the videos on our site to match the features we had at launch. We also updated the web pages describing current features. That said, as some have pointed out, our videos from December are still out there. This is clearly confusing/frustrating some folks, so we’ll get to work on annotating those videos to clearly show features that are coming soon. I also think we can include more information on our site and support documentation to delineate what’s available now, and what we are working on. We are eager to hear your feedback on Relay (keep it coming) and we are working hard to make the features in the original video a reality.

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