We're setting a safety standard with this update

Victoria S.
May 15, 2019

You asked, and here they are – new app updates designed to keep kids safe and parents informed. Thank you for making Relay even better!

Never miss a message

Miss a Direct Chat message? No problem. Now you can listen to those messages on your Relay, or on the smartphone app.

Messages on your Relay

A missed message notification on a Relay is signaled by a green LED ring  

When someone leaves you a message on your Relay, you will hear a doorbell tone your LED light ring will flash green.

Press the power button to jump to the Direct Chat and listen to all of the messages. If you press the talk button, you can replay the last message from that Direct Chat.

Get more info here.

Messages on your smartphone

The Relay app shows how many direct chats you missed so you can catch up on messages  

In the Relay app, a pink dot appears over the Direct Chat that has left you a message.

After selecting the Direct Chat, you can view the number of messages you have. Tap the talk button to play all of the messages or mark all as read.

Get more info here.

In case of emergency…

Relay’s new SOS feature makes sure that if your child needs help, you don’t miss the alert.

How to activate SOS


After enabling the SOS feature, just push the talk button 5 times. Then, when Relay asks if you’d like to send an SOS alert, hold the talk button down for 1 second. Done!



Receiving an SOS alert

When your child sends an SOS alert, you will hear a special alert and receive immediate location data from the Relay sending the alert. You’ll get continuous location updates until you resolve the SOS.

Resolving the SOS alert

During the SOS, all Relays and Relay apps on your account will automatically switch to the “Everyone” channel to make communication easier. Tap the “RESOLVE” button in the app to cancel the SOS alert.

Get more info about the SOS feature here.


The Relay app got a new look and feel.

With Direct Chats, you can now talk one-on-one with anyone on the account.  This makes communication even easier. In the smartphone app, you’ll see icons for all the Relays and smartphones on your account. To start a Direct Chat, just tap an icon and start chatting!

On Relay, just press the power button to cycle through to get to the Direct Chat.  

Quick Tip: press and hold the volume button, say the name of the Relay or channel that you want to switch to.  This will take you directly to the Direct Chat or channel rather than having to cycle through all of the ones available.  So easy!

Get more info on Direct Chats here.

What else can Relay do?

Try holding down the volume button and saying “weather.” Relay will tell you your local forecast — and that’s just the beginning for Relay voice commands. Stay tuned for future updates. Check out this post for a full list of features, plus how they work.

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