It’s not a kids phone, it’s better: Introducing Relay

Victoria S.
June 26, 2018

In late 2017, we let you in on a secret: Relay, our cell phone alternative for kids, was almost ready. It was new and unknown—there was nothing like it on the market: just trackers, phones, and other screened devices aimed at kids. Though they were for kids, they were still just trackers (which kids don’t want,) and phones (which we don’t want our kids to have yet.) We wanted to make something different. So we made Relay.

We wanted to show everyone what Relay could do for their family, so we created a video that showcases the Relay lifestyle and it’s amazing potential. Our creative team made sure the video showed off all the freedom and fun that Relay can unlock for kids today—and the peace of mind it can provide parents.

“Most of the shoot was outdoors, which is where Relay kids want to be,” our Creative Director Ben told us. Whether biking, playing sports with friends, or playing make-believe, the outdoors represent the freedom that we had as kids, that we wish our kids could have—if only we could be sure they were safe.

Relay enables that safety and peace of mind without being a distraction to play as a smartphone or even a kid’s phone would be. Check out our Introduction to Relay in the video below.



Fun fact: The outdoor scenes in this video were filmed on a horse farm!

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