Relay: The best solution for sports team communication

Amie N.
March 14, 2019

We love being a part of our community — and in Raleigh, NC we’ve been able to use Relay to help solve problems by giving the gift of safe, secure, and easy to use communication. We’ve found that Relay really shines in youth sports — where durability really matters and kids cell phone watches become limiting for team communication (not to mention cumbersome to use.) For example, take our partner NCFC Youth.

Relay is a fan of NCFC from Relay on Vimeo.

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“We believe it’s important to teach the girls about communication, and Relay has helped us to do that. The girls need to understand they can’t chat without thinking about how it will affect someone else that may be listening. Relay opens the door to teaching them about the value, and consequences, of verbal communication.” -NCFC parent

Team building activities for kids, featuring Relay

We love coming out to soccer games and meeting these active kids and their parents! And when talking to parents, we realized they had a problem we could solve: the kids didn’t have a good way to talk to each other when they weren’t at practice. Since a significant part of team building and deepening friendships happens off the field, we wanted to see if Relay could keep their teams and their families connected.

“One of the parents set up a group chat for the team. It has been fun to listen to the girls chat amongst themselves, everything from coordinating tournament day gear to where they’ll eat after the game.” -NCFC Parent

With the launch of our cross-account chat feature in December 2018, we were eager to see what kids and parents had to say now that they could talk to friends and teammates as well as parents and siblings. With the help of our friends at NCFC Youth, we were able to give a whole team of 9-10 yr old girls their very own Relays—and the response has been one of overwhelming fun! Have questions about Relay? Check out our FAQ page!

And it’s not just for kids — try the free app for parents

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a Relay for every member of the family to communicate. The Relay app is totally free and available for your iPhone or Android. Use the in-app walkie talkie function to contact your kid after practice, and get on-demand GPS updates so you know exactly where they are.

“We loved Relay so much, we bought a second one for my older son. Now we can reach both kids no matter where they are in the soccer complex.” -NCFC Parent

Through the Relay app, parents can set up family chat channels, chats for friends, and even chat channels to keep up with grandparents, cousins, and extended family. Plus, download music for those long tournament drives so everyone to listen to their favorite tracks. Get more info about all of our fun and kid-friendly channels here!

soccer player with relay

Making Relay even better for active families

One amazing gift NCFC has given us is real life feedback about how Relay works for their families. These parents and kids have real feedback, which we’re taking back to our product team to keep Relay getting better! Things like:

  • 5 channels isn’t enough to customize chat groups and use all the features

Done and done. Relay now has 25 fully customizable channels for group chat, 1:1 chat, and a host of fun features. And all features are set up and approved by parents, so you always know your child is safe.

  • Leaving a message for later

Stay tuned for a new feature that lets you leave your child a message. Soon you’ll be able to reach your child even when Relay has to stay on the bench during practice. Ready to get a Relay for your family? Check out this NCFC Youth exclusive offer!

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