Relay accessory contest: Creative designs from members!

Andrea B.
August 14, 2018
When we first launched Relay, many people were excited to welcome it into their families—but they had a few questions first. The most common query: “What about an accessory?” People looked at Relay, envisioning how it would fit into their lives, and accessories were instrumental to the way their kids would carry and keep track of their new device. To fit into their family, Relay needed to be portable, hard to lose, and easier for kids to carry—ideally on their person. We had always planned on launching an accessory for Relay, but comments and posts from people like @jasperpants in The Relay Neighborhood gave us an idea: "Will it be possible to get a basic outer shell 3d model released to the community so we can start printing our own custom holders for the Relay? I see on the main site there is a strap, clip and a hanger option. I may need something more beefy for my little monsters!" Our members and fans know how they’d like to carry Relay, how it would best fit into their home. So we listened to them, deciding to create an accessory inspired and designed by the people who would be using Relay. We took to our discussion forum, The Neighborhood, and our social channels, calling on all designers to submit their ideas. We received over 100 entries ranging from crayon drawings to 3D models, created by designers young and old. Here are just a few of the wonderfully creative designs we received: [os-widget path="/vseng/relay-accessory-contest-honorable-mentions"] From the fantastic array of submissions, we determined 3 finalists. Their designs were put to a vote in The Neighborhood and on Relay’s Facebook page, and the winner was determined by our fans and members as the one with the most votes. Jonathan G., designer of the Relay Backpack-Strap Clip emerged as our winner. We are now working with our design and product team to bring Jonathan’s design to life, and share with his fellow Relay-ers. It’s been exciting to see everyone’s creative and innovative ideas for incorporating Relay into their lives and we are happy to see Relay become a source of creative inspiration. We can’t wait to see what other creations Relay inspires!

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