Outdoor play advice from the summer fun expert

Victoria S.
July 3, 2018
We created Relay as a tool to enable independent outdoor play for kids while preserving their safety and their parents’ peace of mind. In the summertime, kids are freer than ever and it's the best time to let them loose to find summer fun. Relay isn’t a phone, and unlike a typical kid phone, Relay can stand up to many outdoor activities for kids—and the bumps, tosses, and splashes that come with them! Here to give us the ins and outs of unplugged summer fun, we asked social media director Mallory Martin from Prime Time Toys, makers of Poolside toys such as Sharkpedo and the ORIGINAL Max Liquidator™ to talk to us about the importance of outdoor play and how to get screen-bound tots outside and playing again.
Please introduce Prime Time Toys to us and tell us a little about yourself!
Since 1990, Prime Time Toys, Ltd. has been producing family fun pool toys for kids and innovative toys and games that can be enjoyed both in and out of the water. We have developed and expanded our line of water activities and pool accessories designed to give families hours of fun together. Prime Time Toys is dedicated to innovation and the development of original, safe and fun products.
What makes active outdoor play so important for kids?
Outdoor play promotes well-being and exercise. It allows kids to explore their environment, develop muscle coordination, and gain self-confidence. It also allows them to develop their social skills as they play with friends and neighbors. Providing fitness, experience, independence, and development, there’s really no replacement for outdoor play during childhood.
The pool is a staple of summer fun for kids. What do you think makes water, from backyard sprinklers to Olympic-size pools, so fun?
Most kids love water play, even babies! Sensory activities for toddlers are especially important as they grow and learn about the world around them. When they hear the splashes, see the bubbles, and maybe even taste the water, they’re not only having fun, they’re also gaining knowledge and experience that helps their brain develop. It’s a combination of learning and enjoyment! And you don’t need to dip your toddler in the pool if you’d rather play in the backyard—there are plenty of outdoor toys for toddlers, like outdoor sprinklers and other fun sensory games. Sensory activities are important for older kids, too. And when you’re looking for things to do in the summer, poolside play, backyard water battles, and sprinkler sessions are high on the list. Not only are they fun, but you can’t enjoy them year-round depending on where you live. It makes them even more special.
A big part of summertime at the pool is playing with friends. How do Prime Time Toys enable social and active play?
Prime Time Toys the ultimate destination for pool toys and kids outdoor toys. We offer a variety of pool toys for all ages. Splash Bomb Diving Rings and Diving Sticks are both great tools for younger children to test and their swimming abilities and gain confidence in the water while having a great time together. As well, Prime Time Toys created the ORIGINAL Max Liquidator™, and this summer we have a full line of these award-winning water blasters. Every water battle is different; they never get old! They’re full of opportunities for imaginative, brain-developing pretend play, friendly competition, and teamwork. And there’s a style made for every age group—toddlers, young kids, and even teens.
Do you think that summer fun has changed since you were a kid? Is it more difficult for kids to get active?
These days, I believe kids face more and more temptation to stay indoors, no matter the season. You just don’t see kids out riding bikes as much today as when I was a kid. A lot of it is because of the way technology has evolved. Kids now have a lot of play options that don’t involve the outdoors, pretend play, or even social interaction.
What advice do you have for parents whose kids want to spend their summer indoors glued to a screen?
Sometimes a great new outdoor toy, game, or activity can inspire kids to turn off the screen and play, especially in the summertime! If they are having trouble finding outdoor summer activities, you can give them some ideas. Pick up a couple Max Liquidator’s at your nearest Target and challenge your kids to the ultimate outdoor water battle!

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