How to make an adventure kit for your tiny explorer

Victoria S.
March 7, 2019
kids playing soccer in the springtime  

New leaves are sprouting.

Pack up the heavy jackets.

The clock springs forward.

  That was our springtime haiku—because the first day of spring is almost here! And it’s the perfect time for outdoor play, especially since you’re about to get an extra hour of daytime after school! (Thank you, daylight savings!) And what better way to get your kid ready for outdoor adventures than making them a ready-to-roll adventure pack full of everything they need to have fun and stay safe in the neighborhood? No need to buy anything fancy, either. You can put this pack together using things you have around the house! Here’s what you’ll need:  

Essential adventure kit supplies:

on-the-go bag for kids
  • Small backpack (a drawstring one is fine)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Relay
  • Water Bottle
  • Snackies
  • Play kit of the day
  You can keep the sunscreen and bug spray at home to apply before leaving if you want, but they’re good to have around to avoid sunburn and keep away pesky mosquitoes as the weather gets warmer. With the loop case, Relay can be clipped to their bag so it stays close when you need to reach them.

Play kit ideas for outdoor adventures

We love pretend play—it’s one of the most magical parts of being a kid! It’s easy to put together a few props to create different themed play kits. If you put the props in a gallon-sized bag, your kid can easily grab it and throw it in their adventure pack before dashing out the door. And you don’t have to break the piggy bank to put these kits together. For our imaginative kids, everyday objects and things you make yourself are amazing playtime props. Here are our top 3 favorite play kit ideas and everything you’ll need to make them.

The super-sneaky detective kit

  • A magnifying glass (a toy one is fine and less breakable!)
  • A notebook and pen for recording clues
  • Disguises, like sunglasses and a fake mustache
  • Evidence bottles (Try washing out small spice jars!)
  • Tweezers (for picking up evidence like a professional)

The adventurous outdoor exploration kit

  • Binoculars (real or made of cardboard tubes and tape)
  • Disposable camera for snapping fantastic nature shots
  • Bird, bug, or plant book (to identify the mysterious wildlife)
  • Explorer’s hat and vest (optional!)
  • A map of the terrain (your drawing skills are good enough, I promise!)

The notorious pirate kit

  • A trusty cutlass (a foam one will do. Or a stick. Or an empty roll of wrapping paper.)
  • Bandana or pirate hat (look for great sales after halloween!)
  • Spyglass (try painting the cardboard tube from an empty paper towel roll!)
  • Pirate Treasure (anything shiny, like plastic coins, tumbled stones, etc.)
  • A treasure map (Again, your drawing skills are more than enough!)
We hope your kids have a blast this spring! And remember, when you refer your first friend to Relay, you get our on-the-go bag for free, with a drawstring bag, water bottle, and Relay sweatband. Just some food for thought. 😉 So let us know in the comments: what pretend games do your kids like to play?   

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