Can high tech toys reduce screen time for kids?

Victoria S.
September 25, 2018

Encouraging your kids to play screen-free doesn’t mean you have to send them back to the 80’s. We live in a time of innovation, where every product—from refrigerators to wristwatches— is upping its tech game, innovating, and making products easier and more fun to use. And outdoor toys aren’t stuck in the dark ages. Razor has been integrating technology into outdoor play for almost twenty years and, like Relay, is using their technology to promote active and adventurous childhood. Curious what they’re all about? We talked to Erin Bitar at Razor about their products and the impact they’re having on kids of all ages.

So what is Razor all about?

We know wheels. Since 2000, we have been reimagining the way we move with products designed for getting around town, having fun, and enjoying the outdoors. We first transformed the scooter and turned it into a global phenomenon called The Razor A Kick Scooter. Maybe you had one. Maybe your kids or grandkids do. We have continued to invent all types of products on wheels – launching electric scooters in 2003, then electric skateboards, hoverboards, trikes, motorbikes, to name a few.      

How does Razor use modern technology to encourage active play, and what sets high tech toys apart from the classics?

We are constantly innovating our products to encourage kids to leave their screens at home and get outside. Just like innovations in computers, telecommunications, and video games, we knew that outdoor toys needed an upgrade, too! We create technology that gets kids excited about getting active alongside their friends, siblings, and families and reimagines the way people get moving. Razor has a long history of transforming products with innovative design and cutting-edge technology. We started by giving the scooter a much-needed redesign and proceeded to not only turn old favorites into cool new products, but create entirely new outdoor toys. Advancements in technology have not only opened up our imaginations to endless possibilities of products but also inspires the imaginations of customers to think about new ways to use and have fun with our products.  

How does Razor encourage less screen time for kids, and why is outdoor play so important to begin with?

We design products that use technology kids intuitively understand and want to try out. Our products encourage open-ended play—they spark kids’ curiosity and creativity, both in understanding the tech behind the toy and using it in their outdoor adventures. When kids discover open-ended play fused with new and unique technology, it’s much easier for them to forget about screen media and get active. There are many reported benefits of active play for children as it helps with their physical and mental, and social development. Kids learn through active play and it encourages them to interact and play with other children and observe the world around them. Ultimately, active play can help create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. When kids learn to play outside from early ages, they learn how much fun and rewarding it can be. These early experiences and habits can shape the way kids have fun and enjoy spending their time. When kids play outside, it can lead to an active lifestyle through adulthood.

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