50 Fun and creative spring activities for kids

Victoria S.
March 13, 2019
When we were kids, playing outside was as natural as breathing. We'd fill our after school hours with play, siblings, friends, and imagination. But things are a little different now. Our kids have more options than we did. And, more often than we'd like, they choose to spend the most beautiful months of the year indoors playing video games, tapping a tablet screen, or watching YouTube—or they would if we let them. With the first day of spring just around the corner, it’s up to us to help our children carry on our playtime traditions. This spring, you can share you favorite childhood crafts and activities with your kids and get the whole neighborhood off their tablets and outside enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. Here are 50 unplugged and super fun outdoor activities and craft ideas to get you started. kids walkie talkie in the grass

Essential springtime ideas for kids

  1. Find the best climbing tree in the neighborhood
  2. Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  3. Be a superhero and save the neighborhood
  4. Build a top secret fort out of cardboard boxes
  5. Play 4-square in the driveway
  6. Visit a botanical garden and see the new flowers
  7. Chase fireflies in the evening
  8. Have a family picnic
  9. Make a backyard obstacle course
  10. Decorate the cul-de-sac with sidewalk chalk
  11. Learn how to walk on a slackline
  12. Build a blanket fort inside on a rainy day
  13. Play backyard hide and seek
  14. Make (but don’t eat) mud pies and potions with things you find outside
  15. Help out in the garden with digging, weeding, and watering
  16. Make art projects and have a not-so-silent auction
  17. Play kick the can with friends
  18. Have a campout in the backyard
  19. Play explorers and document the strange neighborhood wildlife (aka the neighbor’s cat)
  20. Learn to hang upside down on the monkey bars
  21. Pick wildflowers for mom and dad
  22. Learn which trees are which from their spring flowers (myrtles, dogwoods, pears, etc.)
  23. Splash around in mud puddles when it rains
  24. Learn how to whistle with an acorn cap or piece of grass
  25. Roller skate with friends or siblings
  26. Make flower crafts like a necklace/crown
  27. Catch (and release!) tadpoles and critters
  28. Find shapes in the clouds and tell stories about them
  29. Go on a fishing trip with parents and siblings
  30. Play red rover in the yard
  31. Rummage in the garage for hidden treasure
  32. Play street hockey
  33. Race bikes
  34. Build a bird feeder and watch the baby birds start to fly
  35. Go geocaching
  36. Organize your own olympics with the neighborhood kids
  37. Bury treasure and make a treasure map
  38. Look for pretty rocks and stones (bonus for identifying them!)
  39. Leave tiny snacks out for the fairies in the yard and garden (they love acorns!)
  40. Make friendship bracelets
  41. Go to the farmer’s market and try a fruit/veggie you’ve never had before
  42. Organize a game of cul-de-sac kickball
  43. Play spies and go on a secret undercover mission
  44. Decorate bikes for a spring-themed neighborhood parade
  45. Hunt for 4-leaf clovers
  46. Have a hula hoop contest
  47. Set up a lemonade stand
  48. Play freeze tag
  49. Be pretend warriors and defend the house from imaginary invaders
  50. Create your own game or art activity and play it with friends or siblings
Want to save this list for later? Click below for the free printable version. Frame it, cut it up and stick it in the bored box, or tack it to the fridge. Whether running free in the neighborhood or making spring crafts with their siblings in the backyard, we love seeing our kids interact with the world around them and enjoy active play - especially when we know they're safe. While some of these ideas are meant for the whole family, others are for kids to enjoy solo or with friends. Be sure to check out our tips for keeping kids safe and entertained during outdoor play with grab-and-go adventure packs. Tell us in the comments: what games did you play when you were a kid? Do your kids play them, too?  

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