10 Screen-Free Week Activities for Kids

April 30, 2018
Screen-Free Week is here! From April 30-May 6, children and families around the world will turn off their televisions, tablets, smartphones, and gaming consoles and rediscover the joys of life beyond devices. Whether you’re wanting to break away from an unhealthy relationship with technology or simply power down and reconnect with loved ones, Screen-Free Week empowers communities across the world to turn off screens and turn on life. We’ll cover everything you need to know to join the movement with 10 Screen-Free Week activities for kids to get the entire family involved. Celebrate with us as we embark on a week full of screen-less adventures and imaginative play! Are you worried your child spends too much time glued to their devices? You’re not alone. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average child ages 8-18 will spend about 7.5 hours per day in front of a screen -- that’s over 114 full days of screen time over the course of a year! Power down and spend that extra time getting active, playing, reading, crafting, or spending quality time with family and friends. Inspire your family to dream up their own creative screen-free activities, seek new and exciting adventures together, and reclaim wholesome, unplugged family time.

New to Screen-Free Week?

Check out our Screen-Free Week survival tips to help you get you and your family through the week with ease: Reflect on your screen time habits. The first step to making a commitment to Screen-Free Week is to understand the meaning behind the cause. It is not an exercise in deprivation, but instead an opportunity to explore new interests and make long-term changes for a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle. Challenge yourself to take a break from technology and rethink the role digital media plays in your household. Encourage everyone in the family to get on board. The best way to get your child fully dedicated to Screen-Free Week is to lead by example. If parents are fully committed, you’ll not only motivate your child to remain committed to their pledge, but you’ll also have the opportunity to share this experience as a family. Set realistic goals. Feeling uneasy about spending a week away from technology? There are plenty of fun and simple ways you can ease the family into Screen-Free Week and set yourself up for success! Go screen free at dinner time, tuck the phone away and organize a family game night, or trade Saturday morning cartoons for an afternoon adventure to your favorite local park. By establishing realistic goals for yourself and your family, you’ll find that even the smallest goals are hugely rewarding. Reconnect at the dinner table. Take time to fully engage at the dinner table and include the entire family in the preparation and presentation of the meal. Get the kids in the kitchen and invent a new recipe, spice up the dining room with a crafty table setting, or throw out a blanket in the backyard for a magical moonlit picnic. Dinner time is powerful way to bring the family together and there are endless ways to revitalize the evening and create unforgettable memories. Pencil in some awesome screen-free activities to keep the family on track. Prepare a list of activities you’d like to try throughout the week to keep the family active and engaged. Be sure to leave room in the schedule for unstructured playtime to allow your kids to create their own screen free activities. Check out this list of Screen Free events in your area and plan your next adventure!

Looking for more unplugged playtime inspiration for the family?

Check out our favorite Screen-Free Week ideas that will make your kids (and yourself) forget why you’ve been so hung up on screen time in the first place. Use Screen-Free Week as the starting point to make long-term changes in developing a healthy and productive home. We challenge you to try something new, seek adventure, reconnect with loved ones, and experience the joys of life beyond technology. Join us as we unplug for Screen-Free Week and take this opportunity to explore new interests with the ones you love.
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