The best mothers day gift from kids: A day off

Victoria S.
May 9, 2019

stack of fluffy pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries just for mom

You might be here looking for cute craft ideas and maybe a printable Mother’s Day card template. That’s not quite what you’re going to get. Instead, we’re bringing you a guide to give Mom what she really wants this year: Mother’s Day off. Here’s everything you need to give the most special lady in your family an easy and relaxing day, plus tips on common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Let her sleep in

Parents exist in a near-constant sleep deficit – especially if there are babies and toddlers running around. Making time for mom to catch up on beauty rest will mean the world to her, as well as let her stop getting by day-to-day in “low battery mode.” For more on what mom (and dad!) can do to improve sleep and reduce stress, check out this post.

Pro tip: Take any young kids out for an early walk in the neighborhood so your home stays nice and quiet.

Serve her breakfast in bed

One mom wakes up, let her call (or Relay!) you so you can start on breakfast. If your kids are old enough to try their hand at pancakes, let them try making cute shapes out of batter – they’ll be excited to make mom a delicious gift with a personal touch. In addition to being a sweet, homemade mother’s day idea, breakfast in bed eliminates the stress of venturing out into the crowded horde of brunch spots and then waiting an hour for a table.

Pro tip: If you aren’t confident in the kitchen or your kids are too little to help with breakfast, try a food delivery service – you can order from her favorite spots without needing a reservation or worrying about the kids behaving at the table.

Open Mother’s Day cards and gifts

Cards and presents make any day sweeter, and whether your kids’ gift for mom is a fancy bracelet or a bouquet of wildflowers and weeds picked in the back yard, mom will probably treasure it. If you’re having trouble deciding, here are some homemade gift ideas for mom:

  • A simple card with a message from your child written in their own words
  • Dried four leaf clovers hunted down and hand-picked by your kids
  • Paint a coffee mug if you want to get crafty
  • Fine art, handmade by the kids and framed by you
  • Have the kids compose a poem about all the things that make mom great

Pro tip: Many gifts your kids make will turn out looking like a big, beautiful mess. That doesn’t mean it won’t make a great gift.

Let her relax and unwind

She’s been mommin’ all year long, and she deserves a day off. Take the kids out and let her have the house to herself if she wants. Or get a sitter for the kids and spend the day together. Let her de-stress however she wants, because today (well, every day really,) she is the queen.

Pro Tip: Let her take a Relay with her so she can completely relax without worrying what the kids are up to.

Have a happy mother’s day!


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